Why should grown ups have all the fun? That was more or less the thought in Renzo Rosso’s mind when he created Diesel Kids –initially with his own kids in mind. Instead of trying to dress kids as tiny adults, Diesel pays homage to their wealth of imagination. After all, only kids can turn paddling pools into oceans (complete with pirates, of course) and cardboard boxes into spaceships.
Over the years, the collections and images for Diesel Kids have explored this uncharted “kid-dom”. They’ve provided a playground of vivid colors and hip clothes that these mini marvels love to wear. The stars of the show have been wild west pioneers, pilots, astronauts, circus performers and, simply, themselves.
Diesel chose to interpret children’s creativity by placing them in some of the most imaginative and stimulating surroundings. What is a place like that most inspires a child? What are its most important qualities? The perfect realm for kids to give full rein to their imagination is, above all, one where there are no adults.

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